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Medical insurance pays for your health care

A medical insurance is a health insurance. The purpose of a medical insurance is to insure you against the risk of medical expenses in case of sickness or accident. The… Read more »


A co-insurance is a policy provision under which you and the insurance company share the total cost of covered medical services after the deductible has been met set, according to… Read more »

What a health insurance is

A health insurance covers you against any medical costs that may arise from sickness, accident or similar incidents. In most countries having a health insurance is obligatory. You usually have… Read more »

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family insurance

A family insurance covers not only the insured individual but also their spouse and children. In Germany, a family insurance is very common if the woman, for example, is not… Read more »

Insurance companies

Insurance companies offer equitable transfer of the risk of a loss, from one entity to another in exchange for payment. Insurance companies therefore operate with risk management. People seek insurance… Read more »

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Insurance premiums

You have to insurance premiums for any type of insurance. Insurance premiums are a specific amount of payment required periodically by an insurer to provide you with coverage under a… Read more »


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